UPDATE: Videos of Police Aggression

(If this makes you angry or concerned, then TAKE ACTION)

From April 2-3, UAW 2865 called for a peaceful, legal strike in protest of management’s unlawful intimidation of student-workers. From threats to international student’s visa status who participate in union activity, to unlawful videoing, and calling legal strikes illegal, the UC has proved time and time again that it will say anything to prevent student-workers from exercising their rights.

On April 2 at UCSC, during the start of the picket line, police responded by intimidating and arresting students who were exercising their rights. Our members and undergraduate allies were arrested without reason, and with unnecessary force, while trying to exercise their right to a moving picket. This is a violation on the part not only of UCSC, but a continuing pattern of intimidation against our members, other Union members, and students for engaging in peaceful, lawful activities.

Strikers and allies, including a number of undergraduates there in solidarity, were met at the UCSC West Entrance by riot cops from Berkeley and Executive Vice Chancellor Alison Galloway. Union leader Josh Brahinsky approached Galloway, identified himself as a union officer, and declared to her that he was about to begin picketing and that he would not be blocking any cars. Moments later, after stepping into the crosswalk with his picket sign, police threw him to the ground. We would like to provide video evidence showing that our members were arrested without reason, and with unnecessary force, while trying to exercise their right to a moving picket.

Watch as Union Leader Josh Brahinsky is arrested as he complies with police requests and walks away from the police back towards the sidewalk.

Watch further as Josh is met with unnecessary force, repeatedly crying out that he is being harmed.

The UC is claiming that our members were blocking cars. It’s crystal clear, from the video of Josh and of several other members who were arrested, that they were not. Furthermore, the UC has continued–for the rest of the afternoon today–to prevent any kind of moving picket line at the West Entrance. This is a violation of our rights as union members, as well as part of an escalating pattern of intimidation on the part of the UCSC administration.

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