UCLA Student Workers Guaranteed Compensation When Working as Substitute Instructors

For years TAs, Tutors, and Readers who substitute their fellow student workers and professors while they are on leave have been under-compensated or not compensated at all for their work. In the past, departments have routinely requested that student workers “volunteer” to substitute for their fellow workers and professors on short and long-term leaves, with the understanding that they would not be compensated for their work.

After UAW 2865 officers and members contested this illegal policy in the Spring of 2016, UCLA has finally brought their policy for compensating substitute student workers in line with state law and our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Per UCLA’s new policy, student workers who work as substitutes are entitled to compensation for all work performed, including, but not limited to, class preparation, classroom time, grading, office hours, etc.

If you work as a substitute TA, tutor, or reader, contact the Human Resources Officer in your department. HR should ensure that your are compensated consistent with your salary level. If you have a problem, you can always contact the Los Angeles Unit at losangeles@uaw2865.org

For more information about UCLA’s official substitute student worker policy see page 10 of the Academic Apprentice Personnel Manual for UCLA’s official policy: https://grad.ucla.edu/funding/working-at-ucla/academic-apprentice-personnel-manual/

–Zeke Trautenberg, Head Steward UAW 2865