Vacancy Election Results

Here are the results of the vacancy election announced on October 4th. Congratulations to all our new officers!

The following members have been elected by acclamation:

Executive Board: 

  • Southern Vice-President:  Zachary Williams, UCLA
  • Trustee: Henry Maar, UCSB
  • Guide: Anne Kelly, UCI

Joint Council: 


  • Campus Chair: Katy Fox-Hodess
  • Recording Secretary: Mike Holmes
  • Head Steward: Munira Lokhandwala
  • Head Steward: Rebecca Tarlau
  • Head Steward: Blanca Missé
  • Head Steward: Rachel Lesser
  • Head Steward: Lindsey Newbold
  • Head Steward: Akasemi Newsome
  • Head Steward: Gustavo Oliveira


  • Recording Secretary: Jordan Scavo
  • Head Steward: Caroline McKusick


  • Recording Secretary: Jessica Conte
  • Head Steward: Meredith Goldsmith
  • Head Steward: Erin Evans
  • Head Steward: Monroe Eskew
  • Head Steward: Tyson Patros

Los Angeles: 

  • Recording Secretary: Cody Trojan


  • Recording Secretary: Jason Young Struna
  • Head Steward: Justin Nelson
  • Head Steward: Jermaine Hekili Cathcart
  • Head Steward: Edwin Elias

San Diego:

  • Results will be announced shortly.

Santa Cruz: 

  • Campus Chair: K. Michelle Glowa

A full report on the vacancy election will be available from the Election Committee in the near future. Many thanks to our Election Committee for their dedicated work!