What do you want to see in our next contract: Come tell us on Feb 2 at UCLA!

On February 2nd in Los Angeles, our union will be holding the most important event to date in our campaign toward winning the best possible contract with the UC this fall, and we need you there! Since our last contract was settled in 2010, our union has been building its strength through our activism and advocacy for public education. We’ve played a crucial role in freezing tuition hikes for the past two years and reversing funding cuts from the state. Now it’s time to use that strength to protect and improve our working conditions and our students’ learning conditions. (What exactly is a union contract?)

Let us know if you can come to our Bargaining Convention by filling out this form, you can also tells us if you need a ride and a place to stay, childcare, etc.

All members are invited to the Bargaining Convention, where we will develop and vote on our comprehensive positions and demands for bargaining. The elected members of our bargaining team have already been hard at work developing proposals based on the Contract Survey that thousands of you have filled out (haven’t filled out a survey yet? You can still do so here!) The convention is the place where EVERY member (not just elected officers) gets to have a say about the issues we will bargain over this summer and fall with UC management.

Check back to this page for more information about the Convention, including the proposed agenda. ‎

Any other questions or ideas you have, please email us and we’ll connect you with the right person. Stay tuned for further updates about our contract campaign, including information about our next Joint Council meeting on Feb 3rd and a statewide vote to approve the bargaining demands developed at the Convention in late February.

See you at UCLA on Feb 2nd!