What to do when other workers at UC are on strike

As a unionized employee, the strongest way you can show solidarity with striking workers is to exercise your right to refuse to cross the picket line as a matter of individual conscience and free expression, which is permitted by Article 19 of our UAW 2865 contract. When you refuse to cross, you aid other workers by making their strike more effective.

Here are some ways you can support:

  • Respect their picket line by canceling your class, lab, or office hours, in line with your right to free expression.  
  • Talk to your students and colleagues about the strike.
  • Show up to the picket line to demonstrate solidarity, and encourage your students and colleagues to do the same.

If you miss work in solidarity, UC may not pay you for the days you are out. However, our contract protects you from any form of discipline for exercising your right to free expression by choosing not to cross the picket line. If you encounter intimidation or retaliation from UC, please contact your union representative.