Workload Survey 2012

Workload Grid

You can download this Workload Grid to track your hours to help you can enforce your rights against overwork.

Our contract contains strong workload protections for Academic Student Employees (ASEs). Too much work for ASEs is not just a problem for the workers but for our students as well — ASE working conditions are student learning conditions. Especially in times of budget cuts, ASEs concerned about improving the quality of education can help by enforcing our workload rights.

Over the years, ASEs have successfully fought against unreasonable workload expectations. If you and your co-workers think you have workload problems, you can contact the Union for help.

Workload Survey 2012

To find out what members are experiencing in their jobs, Local 2865 leaders designed a Workload Survey and invite all members to fill out as much as you can. This survey can be anonymous, and if you’re willing to give your contact info, we’ll keep it confidential, though we may contact you to follow up. You can also indicate if you’d like to be contacted and we’ll be in touch to talk directly.

At the bottom of this page is a Workload Grid you can download and use to keep track of the hours you spend doing your job. In our experience, this is often eye opening, as most student workers find you’re spending more time on job-related tasks than you think!