Join the majority of your fellow 18,000 student-workers at the University of California by signing up as a UAW Local 2865 member today!

  • We are a member-run, member-led union with a collective voice.
  • We are educators who support quality higher education and want equitable treatment in our workplaces.
  • We work to achieve a UC for All, which means a fully accessible UC without discrimination or harassment.
  • Each and every member makes our union stronger, which is the key to winning improvements at UC and beyond.

We’d be happy to reach out if you would like assistance in becoming a member. You can connect with your campus UAW Office or send us an email. Be sure to include your campus and preferred contact information!

Membership is for life, but you only have to pay dues when you are working within the Unit (as an Academic Student Employee). So you get all the benefits of membership even as you move between teaching, research, and fellowship.

To join, you pay a one-time $10 Initiation Fee. Monthly dues are 1.44% of your pay and are deducted automatically from your paycheck. As members of our union, we have the power to collectively enforce our new contract and make sure the administration follows our contract provisions.

The UC often uses the TA contract as the standard for all other funding, so even if you are funded through research or fellowship, supporting the Union is support for everyone! Check out our FAQs for more information.