The membership of the UC Student-Workers Union, UAW Local 2865, has ratified the tentative agreement that the Bargaining Team reached with the University of California Administration. This contract is effective immediately. 


  • Higher Wages and First-Ever Partial Waiver of UC Campus Fees: 3% per year wage increases + $300 per year waivers of the campus fees + $100 lump sum payment in Fall 2018. For the typical ASE, this economic package is equivalent to a 3.6% increase in take-home pay.
  • Expansion of Family-Friendly Benefits: $200 per quarter ($300 per semester) increases in the Childcare Subsidy, bringing the total childcare subsidies up to $1,100 per quarter ($1,650 per semester). Improved standards for lactation stations and a map of such stations on UC’s website.
  • New protections against sexual harassment and racial discrimination: Interim measures so that student-workers who have reported harassment or discrimination can continue working and learning in a safe environment, the right of student-workers to choose to use the Union grievance process concurrently with a Title IX investigation, and survivor-centered remedies.
  • New immigration-related rights and protections: paid leaves for our members to attend to immigration-related appointments and hearings for themselves or family members. UC will notify the worker and our union whenever an immigration official makes an inquiry regarding one of our members. The university will also have to affirmatively request any immigration officials to follow the law, and to present valid warrants in order to enter campus. Any worker who loses work authorization due to changing immigration laws will now be contractually guaranteed a meeting with supervisors upon regaining status to work together to find adequate reemployment.
  • Accommodations for Workers with Disabilities: a guaranteed right to reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities that requires the input/consent of the student-worker.
  • Expanded Union Orientation Rights: To fight the Supreme Court’s attacks on our union in the Janus case, we have won expanded union orientation rights, including the right to hold make-up sessions with ASEs who do not attend initial union orientation and a requirement that all new ASEs must attend union orientation and get paid for it.
  • Committee to Address Effects of Campus Policing on ASE Working Conditions: In light of incidents of police brutality in the UC system, we have won the right to meet with UC management to discuss and address the effects of campus policing on the working conditions of Academic Student Employees.
  • All-Gender Restroom Expansion: Requirement that all single-occupancy restrooms be converted to all-gender, and each campus shall provide a map of all-gender restrooms on their website.