UAW 2865’s Contract Guarantees Student-Workers Rights and Protections

If you are worried that your rights are being violated, please contact a union officer on your campus now. Resolving your grievance can often be done informally, and contacting the union about your problem doesn’t commit you to any formal course of action. And if your supervisor wants to question you or you’re worried you might be disciplined, you have a right to union representation.

Our current contract: The contract defines the benefits and boundaries of our work. This is a legal document, so if something goes wrong in your working situation, you are entitled to have that situation remedied. You do this through the grievance procedure, which you can discuss with a union officer.

Rights and protections in the contract include:

Appointment Notification and Appointment Security

When you are hired you should be issued an appointment notification letter, which states the dates you are expected to work, how many hours, and what your pay and benefits are. If you accept an appointment, that job is then guaranteed. If your section is canceled after you’re hired, the university either has to reassign you to another section or pay you anyway. You are also entitled to supplemental documentation that details what course you will be assigned to, and what your specific duties will be. This should be in the form of a checklist, filled out by your supervisor. A checklist for new employees is available here.


You are entitled to be paid for all duties related to your appointment, including reading course material, attending lecture, preparing for discussion, answering student e-mail, etc. It also means you can’t be required to work more than the hours you are paid for. For a GSI/TA working at 50%, this means that you cannot be asked to work more than 220 hours during the quarter or . This should average 20 hours a week. You cannot be asked to work more than 40 hours in any week, or more than 8 hours in one day (this includes during exam time). The number of hours worked in excess of twenty (20) hours per week may not total more than 50 hours per quarter. If your duties ever exceed these amounts, your supervisor should reassign work to make the load manageable, or if that is impossible, your appointment percentage can be increased to reflect your actual working time. You can contact the union for help devising an individual or group solution to avoid overwork. You can use this helpful grid to track your hours.

Childcare Subsidy

Any ASE working at least 25% time who has children age 12 or under by July 1st is entitled to a $900 per quarter/$1300 per semester childcare cost reimbursement. ASEs with summer appointments are also eligible for a $900 subsidy. More about the subsidy and the form necessary to request it are here.

Full Remission of In-State Education and Registration Fees and Healthcare Premiums

Whenever students work at least 10 hours a week as a GSI/TA or Reader (a 25% appointment or higher), the university pays 100% of our in-state tuition and registration fees, in addition to our healthcare premiums. Tutors receive an hourly wage only, without fee remission or paid healthcare.

Health Insurance

ASEs are eligible to participate in the UC Student Health Insurance Program (UCSHIP). A grad student ASE with at least 25% employment is eligible for 100% premium remission.


In addition to 2 paid sick days per quarter or 3 paid sick days per semester, salaried ASEs appointed at 50% time are entitled to 2 days per quarter or 3 days per semester of paid short-term family-related leave which can be used for illness, disability or family emergency. Salaried ASEs are also eligible for 3 days paid bereavement leave. Salaried ASEs are also eligible for paid long-term leave up to 6 weeks; Up to six weeks of paid leave can be used for childbearing or up to four weeks for serious illness of an ASE (or an ASE’s family member), or to care for and bond with an ASE’s newborn or newly adopted child.

In addition, our contract guarantees six weeks paid leave for birth parents with full benefits extension possible on quarter campuses, and four weeks paid and two weeks unpaid for non-birth parents.


Protections Against Discrimination & Sexual Harassment

Our contract protects against discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, national origin, ancestry, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disability, medical condition, HIV status, status as a veteran, age, citizenship, political affiliation, union activity and membership or non-membership in the union.

Guaranteed Access to All-Gender Bathrooms

Our contract ensures that student-workers have a right to express the need for all-gender bathrooms. The University agrees to provide reasonable access to an existing all-gender restroom within a reasonable distance to the ASE’s work location. Reasonable access may include, but is not limited to, section/class reassignments and/or schedule modifications, redesignating an existing restroom as all-gender, or placing the ASE in an alternate appointment.