Childcare Reimbursement Program

The childcare reimbursement program for Academic Student Employees (TAs/GSIs/Associate Instructors, Readers and Tutors) took effect in fall 2008, when after contract negotiations we expanded on our existing childcare reimbursement program. This program is specifically designed to aid TAs/GSIs, tutors and readers/graders with their childcare expenses.

Under our most recent contract, you are now eligible to have up to $1,100 per quarter ($1,650/semester) of your childcare expenses reimbursed by the University if you are:

• A parent or guardian of a child aged 12 or under on July 1st;
• Registered as a UC student; and
• Working as an academic student employee (“ASE”: includes TAs/GSIs/associate instructors, tutors and readers/graders) and have at least a 25% appointment (average of about 10 hours/week)
• You are also eligible to receive up to a total of $1,100 for the summer session(s) for expenses incurred during your summer appointment(s) if you satisfy the above conditions and you are a registered student in the regular academic terms preceding and following the term for which you are requesting reimbursement.

To be reimbursed, submit the following to the person who handles payroll in your department/hiring unit:

• Childcare reimbursement form (request from your department/hiring unit, or download below). You will need the caregiver’s Taxpayer ID or Social Security Number to complete the form.
• Receipts for childcare expenses

The form and receipts need to be submitted no later than the last day of the following term but may be submitted as soon as you have reached the maximum reimbursement amount ($1,100/$1,650).

We are happy to help you with this new program. Feel free to contact your campus office with questions about this program or your other benefits and rights as an ASE.

Read the University’s FAQ regarding the program.

Download the Reimbursement form (UBEN 254) from UCOP.

Leaves of Absence

Here is an explanation of the kinds of leave available to ASEs who are new parents as guaranteed by our contract.

Childbearing: You are eligible for  up to 6 weeks of paid leave (before, during and after childbirth). You need to ask for the leave of absence at least 30 days before. For example, you could request leave beginning one week before your due date and then 3 weeks after.  See Art. 17 D. 1. of our contract for the exact language.

Care and bonding: It is possible to get up to 2 additional weeks of unpaid leave for baby bonding, provided the leave does not extend beyond the date of the ASE’s appointment.

Unpaid leave of absence: Giving birth is a reason for taking an unpaid leave of absence (say you would want to extend your leave and have 2 months instead of 1). But it is at the discretion of the DEPARTMENT to pay you for this extension. See Art. 17 D. 1 of our contract for the exact language.