These materials are available to help you work member-to-member in your campus and statewide.

Anyone can be an organizer in our local and/or volunteer as a steward for their department. If you are looking to become more involved or organize your department, these resources can help get you started.

Become a steward: Information on the benefits and duties of being a steward.

Member Orientation Materials: Handouts and posters for your organizing!

Reimbursement form: Certain union work is reimbursable (check with the Statewide or your Local Office). This is the form to request repayment.

Meeting room reservation request: Members can reserve the Conference Room at the Berkeley Statewide Office for meetings related to union work and campaigns (maximum capacity: 50 people).

Stewards’ Rights: Adapted from another union, the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) protects you as a union steward.

• Any union member traveling on union business can request a travel reimbursement. If you have questions about what kinds of travel can be reimbursed and how, see the standing Travel Reimbursement Policy.

• If you are an elected union officer, it’s your duty to attend statewide meetings. For the criteria for being excused from a meeting, see the Attendance and Excuse Policy.