UCSWU – UAW 2865
Attendance Policy for Joint Council and Executive Board Meetings (Downloadable)

Approved by the Joint Council on 01/21/2012

All elected officers of our union are required to attend Joint Council meetings. Executive Board members are also required to attend Executive Board meetings. The below policy outlines the criteria for being excused from this requirement.

I. Summary

An excuse policy for the obligatory attendance of Joint Council and Executive Board officers at officially required meetings.

II. Purpose

To increase the transparency and accountability of the decisions of the Excuse
Committee, the Executive Board hereby resolves to use the following guidelines for
deciding on excused or unexcused absences. These guidelines may be amended
for clarity and to be more inclusive as is deemed necessary; though changes in the
guidelines will never be applied retroactively.

The following guidelines are not exhaustive; the Excuse Committee should use its best
judgment in exceptional cases and should be understanding of the busy lives of our
elected officers.

III. Policy

Regarding attendance of local officers at meetings of the local, our bylaws state:

“Article 12, Attendance

Section 1. Any member of the Joint Council, Executive Board, Bargaining Team,
Stewards or any Committees of the Local Union will be removed from office if she/he
misses two (2) of three (3) consecutive meetings of the same body, unless excused
for cause by the Local Union Excuse Committee, which will be comprised of the
members of the Executive Board. The terms for cause will be determined by the Excuse
Committee. Members of the Executive Board requesting an excused absence may not
serve on the Excuse Committee evaluating that request. Where a member is removed
from office for failure to comply with the established attendance rules, s/he shall not
be eligible to run for any elected position from which s/he was so removed for the
remainder of the term of office except as a delegate to the International Constitutional
Convention. If the decision of the excuse committee results in the removal of the officer,
and that decision is overturned through the appeals process, the officer shall be made
whole for all losses.”

1. Requests for excused absences should be sent to the statewide Recording Secretary via email before the start time of the meeting for which the excuse is requested. Requests should include a reason for the absence, with knowledge that if it does not meet the following guidelines, it may be refused. The Recording Secretary will confirm receipt of a request and notify the officer upon the decision of the Excuse Committee.

2. Requests for excused absences will be granted in the case of personal illness or emergency or the illness or emergency of an immediate family member (as defined by the applying officer).

3. Requests for excused absences will be considered in the case of academic or employment responsibilities on the day of the meeting–though all efforts should be made by officers to schedule around local meetings when possible.

4. Requests for excused absences will be considered on a case by case basis in the case of approaching serious deadlines for academic or employment responsibilities (for example: a QE exam within a week of the meeting).

5. Requests for excused absences will be granted in the case of travel for academic purposes when it would be impracticable for the officer to return for the meeting (for example: field work during the summer in another country). Requests will be considered on a case by case basis for personal travel; a factor will be whether the travel was planned before or after the meeting date was set.

7. Requests for excused absences will not be granted for an officer who is away from his or her home campus and unable to attend meetings for an entire academic year or more. Officers in this situation should consider resigning their positions in a timely manner before significant time away, to avoid being removed from office.