The union is structured by the Bylaws and shaped by the work of committees and the Elected Officers. These links will give you information on all of these areas.

Current Elected Officers – This link will take you to a listing of the current Elected Officers and Stewards in the Local and Campus Units. The role of different elected positions in the Local and Campus Units is described in the Bylaws.

There are three main elected governing bodies in the union:

1) The Executive Board of the Local Union has these positions: President, two (2) Vice Presidents (representing northern and southern campuses), Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Sergeant at Arms, Guide, and three (3) Trustees.

2) The Joint Council consists of the Executive Board members and the elected Head Stewards elected from each Campus Unit.

3) Each Campus Unit elects a Campus Unit Chair and a Campus Recording Secretary, who also serve as Head Stewards. Each Campus Unit also elects one (1) more than one (1) Head Steward for each two hundred (200) members in good standing in the Campus Unit.

Local_2865_union_structureThe rules that govern elections are found in the Local 2865 and Campus unit bylaws. Look to them for more details about elections and the Local.

• Bylaws – The Bylaws govern how the Local and the Campus Units are governed. This page links to the text of the Local and Campus Unit Bylaws, and pdf versions that can be downloaded.

Committees – Committees further the work of the Local and Units by bringing members together to work on areas of collective interest. All members are welcome to participate!

For information on the current contract agreement between the University of California and UAW Local 2865, visit the Contract page.

See the Meetings and Elections sections of the website for more about these union activities.