In order of approximate frequency, UAW Local 2865 has four types of meetings mandated by the Bylaws:

• Campus unit – At least one yearly, generally monthly membership meetings through the university term.
• Executive Board – Monthly
• Joint Council – Quarterly (January, April, July and October)
• Statewide membership meeting – Annually

Per our Bylaws, “Each member in good standing of this Local Union has the right to nominate and vote, express opinions on all subjects before the Local Union, to attend all membership meetings and express views, arguments and opinions on all matters and business, including candidates for office, properly before the meeting; to meet and assemble freely with other members and generally, to participate in the activities of the Local Union in a responsible manner consistent with good conscience in order to present and discuss factually and honestly the issues and personalities upon which the membership must base its decisions.”

  • Materials for upcoming meetings and archive materials about past meetings can be found here.
    All members may have access to full minutes from every meeting upon request (contact the Local’s Recording Secretary), and the website hosts less detailed narrative reports summarizing the major decisions and discussions. If you have any questions about upcoming or past meetings, please contact us.
  • Event listings for meetings can be found here.


There are three main elected governing bodies in the union:

1) The Executive Board of the Local Union has these positions: President, two (2) Vice Presidents (representing northern and southern campuses), Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Sergeant at Arms, Guide, and three (3) Trustees.

2) The Joint Council consists of the Executive Board members and the elected Head Stewards elected from each Campus Unit.

3) Each Campus Unit elects a Campus Unit Chair and a Campus Recording Secretary, who also serve as Head Stewards. Each Campus Unit also elects one (1) more than one (1) Head Steward for each two hundred (200) members in good standing in the Campus Unit.

The rules that govern meetings are found in the Local 2865 and Campus unit Bylaws. Look to them for more details about meetings and the Local.